Eweknit (pronounced "unit") was established in 2018 by farmers, for farmers.

Farmers are getting a hard time these days. We damn near kill ourselves to feed the world and in return we get told that we're bad for the planet and cruel to our animals.

There are many who would love to see us shut up shop and open the gates. 

But we farmers are damn proud of what we do. We eat, drink and sleep farming.

We treat our animals as good as, if not better than ourselves.

Our work hours more closely resemble 5-9 than 9-5.

Our friends are mostly farmers and we generally only take time off to go to agricultural shows and events.

Eweknit Apparel is for us farming-mad people. It's soft, comfortable and stylish clothing for us to wear to show people who we are and what we do.

Because we're well aware of our importance and what we contribute. We need to work hard to put ourselves out there and set the record straight.

Thanks to all you fellow farmers for supporting Eweknit Apparel.

Happy shopping and if you have any queries or feedback, don't hesitate to email us or message us on social media.